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I help modern women (just like you) reclaim their self worth and confidence, so they can quit settling for less & start attracting more joy and fulfillment in their lives! 

I offer private and group coaching at various price points. This includes sliding scale and monthly payment plan options. 

Please scroll below to explore ways to work with me or email me below with any questions. 

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If you know what you desire, but don't quite yet know how to get there this option is a great jumpstart to the empowered change you seek. The very best way to make shifts happen in your life is by committing to making them happen, and this package was built just for that! 

This includes:

- 5 x 60 min private coaching sessions

- Pay by month of in full 

All sessions must be used within 75 days of purchase.

Email me below to claim.


This is a 3 month private coaching package created specifically for those ready to experience deep levels of empowered transformation in their lives. 

This includes:

- 6 x 60 min coaching sessions

- Communication via text/email between sessions for added support 

- Additional resources to further self growth and find clarity for change.

All clients considering this option get a complimentary 60 min session to ensure this package is the perfect fit for you.

Please connect with me below to schedule that call and chat more! 



I offer 1-2 monthly virtual classes regarding anything and ALL things self-development, personal growth & female empowerment.

When you come to these workshops you can expect to be informed, empowered & and excited for change. 

Be sure to sign up for my email list below so you don't miss those dates!


coming soon local to Jacksonville, FL

A safe space for women to connect, share and heal. 

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Learn how to control your thoughts and mindset in addition to feeling your emotions in a more empowered and healthy way!

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Mental rewiring 
Mindfulness techniques 
Emotion regulation
Emotion identification 
Self-Limiting Beliefs
Positive self-talk techniques
Ego work
Inner child work
Writing/journaling exercises
Self empowerment techniques
Daily accountability
Clarifying & creating goals
Self love habits
AM/PM routines

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#1 How is your current mindset? Do you find yourself fixating on the negative? Speaking poorly to yourself? Getting stuck in the same thought loops?

How might you show up differently in life if your mindset was inspiring you, lifting you up and empowering you to make positive change?

#2 What is your current relationship like to your patterns, habits and behaviors? Are you conscious of what you are doing? Stuck repeating the same patterns? Attracting the same results?

How might your life be different if you brought awareness to those patterns, challenged them and learned to create empowered change?

#3 What is your current relationship like to your emotions? Do you find yourself running from them? Avoiding them? Shoving them down? 

How might your life change if you learned to create safety for your emotions and process them in a more empowered way?

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Erica Shackelford is Life Coach and RN, with 10+ years experience in the healthcare/wellness system. She is driven by her desire to guide others to their highest potential by helping them to uncover the thought patterns, belief systems and habits that are keeping them stuck and playing small in life. As a trauma informed and feminist leader, Erica helps others to see the possibilities and power that lie within their hands when they challenge and shift these aspects through an empowered lens. 

In addition to private coaching, Erica also facilitates workshops, circles and group programs for those seeking to create radical expansion in their lives.

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"I contemplated some type of life coach for months. I hesitated based on this silly belief that it would be frivolous money spent. But something about Erica's page spoke to me and I am SO glad I listened to my intuition. 

The eight weeks I worked with Erica were LITERALLY life changing. I am in a whole new phase of life, self acceptance, self exploration, healing & empowerment."


"It happened so quick, but I feel like a brand new person with a totally different outlook on life! I felt like I was speaking with my best friend the whole time. She spoke with so much love, understanding & compassion.

My biggest takeaway is how she shifted my perspective around life and myself. I am SO proud of the woman I've become and can't wait to see how much more progress I make!"

"Working with Erica has been one of the BEST decisions I've ever made for myself. I was scared shitless to start, but after a few weeks, I started to notice myself catching small things. I was speaking to myself with more kindness, I was reframing my thoughts, my confidence was increasing -- She takes it slow, breaks it all down & designed a plan that worked for my life. All I am going to say is this: DO IT!"

When I look back at the last several months, the entire process with Erica has been life changing. Not gonna lie, sometimes it’s hard to zoom in on specific changes, but when I’m face with real life situations -- and I’m thinking differently, processing it differently? And I’m curious about why is this feeling really coming up? That’s when I know my life has changed.

Since beginning this journey, I’ve learned so many different skills. I can visualize and talk to my inner child with gratitude and empathy. I can hold myself accountable but, also know when I need to be patient and loving with myself. I can more clearly understand where patterns and behaviors have stemmed from, so I can take a step back to create space for curiosity and growth around them. All of this has created a whole new relationship with myself.

- M.H.

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